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Be in Full Control With VPS Hosting

Get the power, flexibility and speed you need with our virtual private server hosting.

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Be in Full Control With VPS Hosting

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Simple, Fast, and Reliable VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Features
KVM 1 ¥ 699 /mo
KVM 2 ¥ 999 /mo
KVM 4 ¥ 1,499 /mo
KVM 8 ¥ 2,999 /mo
1 Cores
2 Cores
4 Cores
8 Cores
Memory (RAM) Memory (RAM)
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
NVMe Storage NVMe Storage
50 GB
100 GB
200 GB
400 GB
Bandwidth Bandwidth
1 TB
2 TB
4 TB
8 TB
1 Snapshot 1 Snapshot
Weekly Backups Weekly Backups
Dedicated IP Dedicated IP
Full Root Access Full Root Access
100 Mb/s Network 100 Mb/s Network
IPV4 & IPV6 Support IPV4 & IPV6 Support
24/7 Support 24/7 Support
VPS Features

Our VPS Hosting Infrastructure

SSD and Processing Power

All of our VPS servers come with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD disk space, and 512 GB of RAM per server. This provides you with enough processing power for any type of medium or large-scale online project.

100 Mb/s Network

Enjoy impressively fast website loading times and a 99.99% server uptime guarantee. Let your visitors enjoy a smooth user experience without worrying about unexpected downtimes.

AI Powered Firewall

Our AI firewall utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to analyze network traffic and block malicious activity in real time, providing an extra layer of security for your virtual private server.

Our VPS Hosting Infrastructure

Full Root Access

Have complete control over your hosting environment by taking advantage of the full root access. Customize your VPS server to your liking and track all resources in real-time.

Dedicated IPv6

With our native /64 IPv6 block infrastructure you will avoid latency, networking issues, and blacklisting. Keep your connections secure and efficient, whilst using the latest IP technologies.

Backups and Snapshots

Rest assured that your website can be restored within minutes thanks to automated backups and manual live snapshots.

Our VPS Hosting Infrastructure
Operational system templates

Instant OS Deployment for Your VPS Hosting

CentOS Ubuntu Debian

CentOS Operating System

Lightweight, fast and reliable - these are the core tenets of CentOS. It is one of the best enterprise-level operating systems offering speed and stability without impacting security. Inspired by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS is also a formidable option for VPS hosting.

CentOS Server Versions

CentOS 7 64bit

CentOS 7 64bit minimal

CentOS 7 64bit with CentOS Panel

CentOS 7 64bit with Cyber Panel

CentOS 7 64bit with DirectAdmin

CentOS 7 64bit with VestaCP control panel

CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin

CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

CentOS 7 64bit with Webuzo control panel

CentOS 7 64bit with cPanel and WHM

CentOS 7 64bit with Plesk Onyx

CentOS Operating System

VPS Hosting That Gives You More Power

Full Control and Flexibility

Full Control and Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of VPS hosting and have full control over your operating system. The full root access lets you configure the server environment to your needs and decide how you dedicate your resources, no matter if you’re looking to host one large website or multiple smaller sites.

Increased Performance

Increased Performance

All of the resources are yours only, including the CPU, RAM, and disk space. No need to worry about other people’s site traffic affecting your website’s performance. VPS hosting is powerful and stable, which is why it’s recommended as the top option for hosting websites and online apps.

Simple to Scale

Simple to Scale

If you need to upgrade your server environment because you require more resources, simply choose a different VPS plan. No need to transfer files or be at risk of any downtime, just upgrade the plan through your VPS control panel.

Multiple Datacenters

Multiple Datacenters

You can place your VPS in the USA, India, Lithuania, or the Netherlands. This ensures maximum reliability and minimum latency regardless of your location. The best virtual private server is the one closest to your target audience’s location.



Your virtual server will be kept secure by BitNinja’s full-stack server protection and the built-in advanced DDoS protection. The automated backups and live snapshots will let you restore your site immediately if it ever goes down, and a dedicated IP for your VPS server would further enhance security in general.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

All our VPS plans come with a user-friendly control panel for easy VPS server management. Keep track of all your resources live through the dashboard, and make necessary adjustments as you go.

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30 day money-back guarantee

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