Check domain name availability

Check domain name availability

Hostinger’s WHOIS search tool helps you check whether your chosen domain name is available. In case it is, you can straightaway employ our domain checker and buy it for your site.


Find a Domain Name Owner

If your desired domain name is taken, use our WHOIS lookup service to find all publicly available information about the current registrar and website owner, including their name and personal contact details.

See the Domain Expiration Date

See the Domain Expiration Date

Find out when a domain name is due to expire. This will provide you the opportunity to grab a great domain as soon as it becomes available if the current owner decides not to renew.

What Is the WHOIS Lookup Tool?

Hostinger’s WHOIS lookup tool shows the latest data registered on the official WHOIS domain database. It can be used for obtaining information about the domain's registrant as many times as you want for free.

How Does It Work?

Whenever someone registers a domain name, they have to submit their information to ICANN. Some of this information is made available on the public database and can be accessed using our lookup services.

What Is the WHOIS Lookup Tool?


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the WHOIS lookup database.

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